Pick yourself up and carry on

I’ve just read an article from Jayne Torvill about when they (her and Christopher Dean) went through hard times, and what they did to get themselves back on track. These tips are also true for people setting up their own businesses.  As  a business coach I work with clients to ensure they stay positive and focus on the right things.  I hope these tips are of help to you.

1. Don’t dwell on failure – focus on your next goal
As long as we are learning from our mistakes and can recognise what we would do next time, then no more time should be spend on failure. Striving forward with new skills and approaches will help you succeed in your next goal

2. It’s not just about picking yourself up – it’s about how you do it
You can tell who’s unhappy just by looking at them – their body language says it all. Moving forward is about walking tall, having energy and using your communication skills to their utmost – that’s great listening, questioning, rapport building and summarising skills.

3. At times it can be scary
Often the difficult things in life are scary, however they often turn out to be the best. Don’t be put off and take one step at a time. Have a completion schedule and feel good at each stage of achievement

4. Work out what makes your colleagues/clients/customers tick
You get more from people if you get to know them more rather than at a superficial level. What makes them tick? What are their concerns? What would make them happy? By delivering against their concerns will give you results and raised credibility

5. If you’re motivated for the right reasons, it’s easier to carry on when the going gets tough
The key here is being motivated in a way that will bring about positive results. This could be working so that you can support your family, or delivering against a project deadline and being part of a team. Whatever you do, the end result needs to leave you feeling good about yourself.

6. Forget perfection
Perfection is a really difficult thing to achieve. Many an hour can be spent beating yourself up. Firstly it’s important to really identify what is required – I sometimes use the bronze, silver, gold analogy and sometimes I picture a brick wall and think, if I took one or two bricks out, would it fall down. Be good to yourself and value what you do well.

I hope this helps.  Victoria of Coaching4Results




About Coaching4Results

Passionate about helping people reach their goals. I love seeing people raise their own self awareness and in turn then really consider actions and approaches they need to take to get the best out of others.
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