Value of Presentations

Preparation is key. Measureable results needs to be a must so that is great.

Future Of Sales Is NOW

Attending, preparing, and giving presentations is a critical part of doing business. The big question is, what is the outcome of your presentations? How many presentations lead to measurable results? On behalf of Selling Power and I recently conducted a survey of B2B sales professionals to get a better understanding on this subject.

How much time do you spend on presentations?

Of the 175 participants in the survey, 76% indicate they need presentations to do their job, and for 53%, this means they attend at least one to two presentations a week. The most prominent users are product managers, who attend several presentations a day, present once or twice a week and, together with marketing, spend as much as a full day in preparation. Sales, which accounted for 56% of the respondents, present less frequent, and spend only a couple of hours in preparation.

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How much does a presentation…

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