Feeling good as a working mum

Mums go back to work for a whole range of reasons.  Some of us are very career orientated, others do it because we enjoy the jobs we do and the company we work for, for some it’s the adult social interaction and for some, it’s we have to for the money.

So you are now back at work and you’re feeling great – Yes!  For those that really feel content, that’s great, yes really great.  Unfortunately for a number of women they think YES, it’s all falling into place and then, starting as a little niggle and building, EMOTIONAL CONSCIENCE  pays a big visit.  Minds start working overtime, are you doing the right thing, working, and then to cap it all, your child/children add to it by saying “why are you always working? You never spend any time with me”!

Interested in changing the way you feel?

Change happens through a process where you condition yourself to feel good by using reinforcement.  To help you on your journey I have provided some questions and exercises for you to do.  The aim of these is to evoke positive responses.  For this to work you need to be honest and open and only write what’s really true to you.   To really change the way you feel you need to revisit your answers/visuals you’ve produced on a frequent basis (daily to begin with) and take in what you are thinking and how you feel.  If, after time you feel different to a question, change your answer.

Your perception

  • List, how do you personally benefit from working?
    • Consider how it makes you feel, what difference does it make to you financially?
    • List,  how does your child benefit from childcare/after school clubs
      • What new experiences are they encountering? What are the long term benefits
      • List the fun times and the quality time you spend with your child/children, remembering what you did and how you felt

What others think

  • Get feedback from colleagues, manager, family about your working situation.  Remember to ask for positive feedback, otherwise people will assume you’re after the negative
  • Speak to your child/children about what they do at nursery/after school clubs, what do they enjoy? Pick a time where it’s a relaxed conversation and not a time when they’re pulling your emotional strings
  • Speak to your nursery/childminder/after school carers about your child/children, how involved do they get, whether they do enjoy themselves
  • Speak to your child about what they really enjoy doing when they’re with you.  What’s fun and special to them.

Things to do

  • For yourself, keep reviewing your answers and take in what you know is true in your heart and head,
  • For your children, reinforcement is key.  Words are quickly forgotten and whereas visuals can be a constant.
    • Make a visual picture reminding you and your child/children of your fun times.  Use pictures from magazines, family photos, coloured pens, be as creative as you like.  Stick this somewhere both you and your child can see on a daily basis.  Refer to it when you’re child says about you working.
    • Make a new visual each month.  It’s a changing world

Using the law of attraction, you get what you focus on so make today the day you focus on the positive, take in the good feeling you get from working and being a great mum.

I hope this helps.


About Coaching4Results

Passionate about helping people reach their goals. I love seeing people raise their own self awareness and in turn then really consider actions and approaches they need to take to get the best out of others.
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