About Victoria

Victoria started her Coaching4Results business aimed at small to medium sized companies based in South East London in July 2011.  Victoria wants to brings a training and coaching service that is tailored to clients needs and therefore gets results.

More about Victoria

Victoria is a professional and dedicated Learning and Development Consultant and Business Coach.  She is highly motivated, reliable and dependable and totally believes in the essence of coaching, in that you set a goal, you make it happen.  With this approach, Victoria gets results.  The aim of any workshop is that people know what they need to do/be by the time they leave the room.  Victoria also takes into account that people learn in different ways and therefore her creative design and delivery skills ensure that everyone gets the most from her workshops.

As a person, Victoria is very approachable, open and friendly.  She has a good sense of humour and believes that people get results, learn and retain more when they are in a relaxed environment and enjoying themselves.

Victoria has over 15 years’ experience in Learning and Development and has worked for organisations such as Dresdner Kleinwort Benson, Goldman Sachs, Williams Lea and Britannia Building Society.

She is a qualified Learning & Development Specialist, Business Coach, and accredited to use the BYRON Emotional Intelligence Tool and the Transactional Analysis approach.


After presentation to 600  people client said “I couldn’t have done it without you, and I mean that”

After management development coaching, client said “You’ve helped me change both my personal and work life for the better”

A female client returning to work said “I really had lost my confidence but my receiving coaching on the different situations I encounter I am able to manage and address these issues with confidence”

If you’d like to contact Victoria, please email at Victoria@coaching4results.org.uk


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