Bespoke training and coaching

Retaining and developing your talented staff is a fundamental part of business success.  By building confidence and the capability of your staff you will get a much greater return on your investment.  This approach increases motivation, passion for business success, idea generation, speedier working ethos, loyalty and commitment.  Coaching4Results focuses solely on developing individuals to get credible results, to reach their full potential, to undertake new areas of responsibilities and to go further than they thought possible.

Our clients have consisted of :


– Managers that need to use a coaching approach to get the most out of their teams

– Managers that are juggling roles and not working to their full capability as mentally, they are still stuck in  their old roles

– Talented and high potential employees who need to build on their experiences and continue to develop as  credible individuals

– Women that are pregnant/and returning from maternity leave who are now being challenged with  confidence issues and want to be accepted as a professional working woman

– Managers who for the first time are managing pregnant women

– Individuals stopping themselves from reaching their full potential due to limiting beliefs and confidence  issues

Business start-ups and career change

– Individuals setting up their own businesses who now have to take on all aspects of running their business.    Whether that’s visionary/big picture/strategic approaches through to making the company financially viable through to managing employees for the first time.

– Individuals that have decided to make a career change and need inspiring and help with creativity to come  up with different ideas and put them into action

– individuals stopping themselves from reaching their full potential due to limiting beliefs and confidence issues

A selection of training programmes Coaching4Results can run for you

Management Development, Team Leader training,, Career Development, Promoting from within, Relationship building, Client retention, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Learn to be an in-house coach, Train the trainer, practical skills trainer, career, confidence and capability development, time management for business benefit course, Communication skills, Influencing and negotiation skills, In-house Mentoring programmes, Team Building, In-house Projects, Organising Promotional Events, Presentation and Public Speaking courses.

Courses/one to one coaching or team coaching can be provided if that suits you better.

How we work with you At Coaching4Results we can provide either tailored/bespoke programmes or public programmes.  It’s your decision to whether it works best for you to develop a group of people or whether individuals would benefit more from working with people outside your organisation.  For this reason, we leave the choice to you.

Here’s what three of our clients say about Coaching4Results

I had a date to launch my business but no idea as  to how I  would get there.  For me, working with Victoria really made the  difference and I’m pleased to say that I’ve launched my business on  time.   Victoria has a natural coaching style and was very easy to work with.  She challenged me on decisions, acted as my conscience and above all, helped me focus.  I would definitely recommend Victoria as a business coach  Lee Lawrence, Mobility Taxis 

Victoria has been helping me define my business objectives as I have recently set up as an events consultant.  She is highly  professional and has helped me identify innovative ways of marketing my business.  I would recommend her to anyone needing a business  coach. Kate Ray, Strategic Events Consultant

Victoria has worked with Futures  Supplies for some months delivering an individual Customer Service Program to all our personnel along with Management Training and individual Personal Coaching to the key members of our Management Team.
Providing this level  of training and support is key to ensure we deliver exceptional customer service  to our valued clients and that our whole  team at Futures Supplies receive  on going training, which is meaningful, enjoyable and applicable to their  individual roles.

The results speak for themselves and I wouldn’t  hesitate to recommend Victoria  Mandie Kemp, MD Futures Supplies

All programmes will be tailored to align with a business strategy and goals.   For this programme, directors would need to advise, in advance what they want their customer service and experience to be.  Customer satisfaction information and gap analysis could be used to pinpoint areas of development.  A facilitated session can be arranged.  All programmes would be modular to ensure realistic learning takes place in a practical way
and can be embedded


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