Business Coaching

One to one business coaching programmes

The key reasons coaching is used within a business context is to develop managers to meet their current requirements and develop talented employees to ensure they have the right skills, values and behaviours to progress further within a company.

The key reasons coaching is essential for developing managers and talented employees
It’s aligned to your business strategy and succession planning criteria
It’s timely – designed and fits in with each individuals development plan
It’s specific – focussed around real requirements
It’s action and results orientated, also meaning it’s measureable
It’s personable – where approach is adapted for each individual

Managers and talented employees who’ve received development and coaching support are more likely to:
–  Stay within a company and be right for internal promotion – saving on recruitment, settling in, upskilling on processes and procedures
–  Implement new approaches/ideas – expanding idea generation, increasing confidence level to work out of comfort zone
–  Are a motivated staff force – increased outputs, acceptance of business change, working towards business strategy.

My coaching approach
To meet the goals set out in the key reasons above, it’s important that time is spent with the line manager or any key stakeholders to ascertain exactly what is required from an overall coaching programme.  We would outline expectations and what success looks like prior to any one to one coaching starting.  It’s imperative that individuals buy in to coaching programmes and therefore support will be provided to managers to help them do this.

The coaching individuals will receive will be both supportive, yet stretching and challenging.  My approach will enable them to push their boundaries, build confidence and have the motivation to progress their careers with you.



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